Australian High Commission

Online ETA application has referred you to the Australian High Commission

Online ETA application has referred you to the Australian High Commission

If your application for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) was lodged online (via or through a travel agent and you received a system message advising you to “refer to Embassy”, you will need to send the following information by email to

  1. completed ETA Additional Information Request Form (click here to download the form); and
  2. a copy of the ETA applicant’s passport biodata page (the page with the passport holder’s details and photo) and passport observation page; and
  3. a copy of the screenshot of the ETA referral screen (if available).

There will be delays in processing your ETA referral if we do not receive all three of these additional pieces of information. 

Please note that in certain circumstances the department may require you to provide further additional information to determine that you genuinely intend to visit Australia for tourism or business visitor purposes.  Information that you may be asked to provide could include:

  • evidence of sufficient funds to pay for your proposed travel to, and stay in, Australia
  • travel itinerary and statement outlining your proposed trip to Australia, or
  • any other information that may demonstrate you only intend to visit Australia temporarily.

If you are required to provide this information you will be contacted by the department and given an appropriate timeframe to respond.

We will notify you by email once a decision is made on your ETA application.