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Defence Section, Australian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur

The Defence Section's role is to represent the Australian Chief of Defence Force, Secretary of Defence and all members of the Australian Defence Community, in Malaysia. This is carried out by effecting good working relationships and liaison with all branches of the Malaysian Ministry of Defence and the Malaysian Armed Forces.

This role is carried out primarily through the Defence Advisor, Colonel Corey Shillabeer and Assistant Defence Advisor, Wing Commander Michael Edwards.

The relationship is maintained through the multi-lateral Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) and the bi-lateral Malaysian Australian Joint Defence Program (MAJDP).


The FPDA is a unique Defence arrangement involving Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. It is a consultative and highly flexible arrangement in which co-operation of the five member nations is based on consensus, equality, trust, openness, mutual benefit and respect and has an important role in the security of Malaysia and Singapore. It has been in place since 1971. Australia's membership of the FPDA serves enduring Australian interests in the security of maritime South East Asia and complements its bilateral relationships in the region. FPDA exercises are conducted regularly and all member nations usually contribute forces to each exercise.


MAJDP is the cornerstone of the bilateral Defence relationship. Under the umbrella of the MAJDP, Malaysia and Australia have Defence officers posted in each others country, involving training and professional exchanges. The MAJDP contributes importantly to the training and development of the Malaysian Armed Forces. It is building links between Australian and Malaysian Defence forces which assist Defence co-operation more widely.

Enquiries to the Defence Section can be made through the Australian High Commission switchboard (603) 2146 5555, or by fax to (603) 2146 5695. Email: [email protected]

Other roles for the Defence Section include:

  • Support Australian Defence industry suppliers in contract negotiations with the Malaysian government

  • Effect entrance of Australians to various war graves in restricted areas

  • Monitor the condition of accredited Australian War Graves in Malaysia.

Malaysia-Australia Defence Alumni Association (M-ADAA)

Established in November 2011, the Malaysia-Australia Defence Alumni Association's (M-ADAA) mission is to strengthen the person-to-person relationship between the Malaysian and Australian Army, Navy, Air Force and Ministry of Defence personnel who have spent time studying, training or on secondment in each other's country.

We also hope that the establishment of M-ADAA will further strengthen the long lasting defence relationship between Malaysia and Australia. Membership is open to all Malaysian and Australian servicemen who have spent time studying, training or on secondment in each other's country.

Please visit to register as a member online.

For M-ADAA enquiries, please contact the Defence Alumni Officer at [email protected]  or call the Defence Section 603 2146 5594. 

A History of the Australia-Malaysia Defence Relationship

The Australian Defence Force's commitment to the security of Malaysia is longstanding. It began with Malayan Campaign in World War II, followed shortly after by the Malayan Emergency and Confrontation. Since those conflicts, the defence relationship between Australia and Malaysia has continued to develop under the auspices of the Five Power Defence Arrangements and the Malaysia Australia Joint Defence Program. These historical links form the foundation of the continuing close defence cooperation between the two nations.

More information on the History of the Australia-Malaysia Defence Relationship.

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