Australian High Commission

Notarial Services


Notarial Services are available by appointment only. Please click here to book an appointment. Under the Consular Fees Act 1955, fees apply for notarial all services.Please click here for updated notarial fees. 

Fees paid for notarial services are non-refundable.Fees are set in Australian dollars and converted into Malaysian Ringgit. The exchange rate is reviewed monthly.


Notarial services include but not limited to:

Australian affidavits

Authentication and apostille

Certifying copies of documents

Getting married in Malaysia

Notice of intended marriage

Statutory declarations

Witnessing Australian driving licence renewal (photo kit)

Witnessing signatures on property/mortgage and other documents


It is the responsibility of the person seeking notarial services from Australian High Commission, to provide legislative proof that an Australian Consular Official holds the authority to perform the notarial services requested. Notarial officers cannot provide advice on the notarial service you need. A Consular Officer is not a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Notary Public.




Please ensure that documents relating to the notarial services you require from the Australian Government/Embassy/Consulate, are presented in the correct form and that you provide the correct instructions for the notarial service you require. If you are unsure of the legislative requirements relating to the notarial service you require, you should seek independent legal advice. Please note that neither the Australian Government nor the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur guarantees the legal effectiveness of the notarised document or the accuracy of its content.  Fees paid for notarial services are non-refundable.


An affidavit is a written statement that allows the person making it to present evidence in court or other legal proceedings. The High Commission’s role is to witness the affidavit and administer an oath or affirmation. It does not attest to the authenticity or truth of the content of the evidence or information.

Notarial officer does not provide legal advice or draw up the legal documents for clients, contact your receiving authority if you have doubts. Please also ensure to confirm the following with the recipient/solicitor:

  • Do you and the witness need to sign or initial each page?  Or do you only need to sign one page?
  • Do you need more than one witness? If yes, please specify under comment section when booking your appointment.  

Please bring along clear instructions, your original passport and your affidavit including all exhibits and attachments (if available).

For more information please refer to Notarial services overseas | Smartraveller.



Legalisation is a process where we verify the signature, seal or stamp on an original public document through affixing an apostille or authentication seal.

Apostille and authentication certificate both serve the same purpose. The country receiving the public document decides which certificate they will accept. Notarial officer does not determine which type of certificate you require, the person seeking notarial services should confirm this with the receiving authority.

If you require legalisation of an Australian education document, you must first provide verification from the issuing institution or university. This could be available via an online portal. For more information about legalisation of education documents, please refer to Documents we can legalise | Smartraveller.

If you require legalisation of a Malaysian issued document (for use in Australia), the documents must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malaysia before we can perform the legalisation.  



The Australian High Commission can certify true copies of your original documents. We apply the following certification wording on documents: "This is a true copy of the document presented to me". This is DFAT approved wording. We won't alter it.

You must present your original documents to notarial officers; photocopies will be provided by us. Certification of document may not be provided if the document presented is or appears to be something other than an original document e.g., photocopy or facsimile.

If your original document was issued electronically, please ensure to produce the source email to the notarial officer and forward it to [email protected].

Similarly, if the original electronic document is accessible through a web portal, you will need to log on to the portal using your mobile device, on the day of your appointment day.

Fees are charged for this service according to the number of documents to be certified.



The Australian High Commission can assist to witness your signatures on the Notice of Intended Marriage form, outside of Australia.  

Both parties to the intended marriage must be present at the appointment. The notice cannot be witnessed by mail.

Once the Notice is completed and witnessed, the parties to the intended marriage are responsible for forwarding the Notice to their Marriage Celebrant.



Statutory Declarations can be witnessed by a notarial officer at the Australian High Commission for use in Australia only. Please complete the statutory declaration (do not sign) and have it ready for an officer to witness your signature. If you are unsure of what you are required to write on the Statutory Declaration, you should contact the authority who has requested you to prepare one.

By witnessing your signature, consular official is in no way, attesting to the truth or accuracy of its contents. It is not DFAT’s responsibility to review the content of the declaration.

For more information on witnessing signatures, please refer to Notarial services overseas | Smartraveller



The Australian High Commission does not renew driver's licences. Please contact the relevant State Government Licence issuing Authority in Australia to obtain the necessary forms to renew your licence while residing overseas, which may need to be witnessed by a Consular Officer.

If this is required by the Licensing Authority, you will need to attend the High Commission in person, bring along the form, and any other documents the Licensing Authority requires by way of proof of identity.

The Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur is unable to submit your completed forms on your behalf.



The Australian High Commission can witness your signature on documents related to land, mortgage or property and certify identity documents along with a completed DFAT Identity Certificate (also known as verification of identity).

These services will only be provided in response to the written instructions provided by your Australian Legal Practitioner licensed conveyancer, or mortgagee (bank etc). Notarial officers cannot provide advice on the notarial services or documents you need.

Notarial officers can only provide a standard DFAT Identity Certificate when making the certified copies. We are unable to complete any other Identifiers Certificate in conjunction with this service.

You must attend the High Commission in person to have your signature witnessed and bring your original passport or driver's licence. It is the responsibility of the client to present the document to be serviced in the correct form, and to provide the correct instructions for witnessing.

For more information on witnessing signatures, please refer to Notarial services overseas | Smartraveller