Australian High Commission


Australian Passport Renewal Application (PC7)

The Passport Renewal Application form (PC7) streamlines the application process for certain Australian citizens. The form is pre-completed with information from your previous passport application. Blank application forms cannot be printed.

All applications must be lodged in person by the applicant. Application fees are paid when you lodge the application.

To assist you in this process, please read the instructions carefully before commencing your application. You should pay particular attention to the requirement to SIGN the declaration in black ink pen WITHIN THE SIGNATURE BOX.

How do I get a PC7 form?

  • visit to complete the form online, and then print it; OR
  • if you do not have internet access, or are unable to print the form, contact us on +603-2146 5575.

Adult Application Checklist

Photographs for PC7 applications

Please supply two recent passport photographs (not more than six-months old). Read the strict requirements carefully to ensure your photographs are acceptable.

Photos taken in Malaysian photograph shops are mostly digitally altered and does not meet the Australian passport photograph guidelines. We recommend that when you take photos for your passport application, please obtain a soft copy.  The soft copy can sent by email or saved in a disc. Please bring the soft copy (copy can be emailed to [email protected] ) with you when you attend your passport interview as we may need to reprint your photo if the copy printed by shop is digitally altered.

It is not necessary to have your photos endorsed by a guarantor when using the PC7 form.