Australian High Commission



Step 1- Check your eligibility for an adult passport renewal.

Adults who are renewing their Australian passport can use the Australian Passport Renewal Application Form if the following are true:

  • you are an adult (over 18 years old) or you are an adult (over 18 years old) who is renewing from a child passport and your most recent child passport was issued when you were 16 years or older, AND
  • you are not changing any of your personal details on the passport, AND
  • your most recent passport is/was valid for over two years at the time of issue, AND
  • your most recent passport has not been reported lost/stolen AND
  • your most recent passport was issued from 1 January 2006 onwards, AND
  • you are able to present your current passport at the passport appointment, AND
  • you are able to answer the security questions to print the form.


Step 2 - Fill out your application form. 

You should complete the application form online at the following website -  This link will also allow you to confirm that you are eligible to renew your adult passport. You'll need to create an AusPassport account to start your passport application online. 

If you have problems creating an AusPassport account, or completing the online form, please call +603 2146 5575 or email [email protected].

Sign and date the form using black pen, within the signature box. Application forms with signatures that go beyond the white box / signature box will not be accepted. Make sure there are no alterations or whiteout on the signature and/or the date. If you make a mistake, you can cross it out and initial next to the change.  If you have signed incorrectly, please fill in a new form.


Step 3- Make an appointment to lodge your passport application. 

The Passport Office operates an appointment system and we will not see you without an appointment.

Book an appointment with Australian High Commission - Kuala Lumpur using SetMore


Step 4 - Take two passport photos.

It is important that you refer to the photo guidelines for more information and for presentation to the photo studio for acceptable photos.

Please clearly print your full name on the back of one photo. Your photographs do not need to be endorsed by someone else.

Passport photos taken in Malaysian photography shops are often digitally altered and do not meet the Australian passport photograph guidelines. We recommend that you obtain a soft copy of your photos and email to [email protected], as we may need to reprint your photo if the copy printed by shop is digitally altered.


Step 5 – Lodge your application and pay the fee.

Applications must be lodged in person at the High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.  You need to make an appointment (see Step 3). To renew a passport by mail, please click here.

Things to bring:

  1. The completed and signed Australian Passport Renewal Application form (if applicable).
  2. Two passport photos (see Step 4).
  3. Your most recent Australian passport. It is important to bring your most recent passport to be eligible for a passport renewal.
  4. A Visa or Mastercard to pay the fee.  Please click here for fees.