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Information and FAQs related to COVID-19

For the latest news, updates and advice from the Australian Government on COVID-19, go to:

There is also an Australian Government COVID-19 app you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and a new WhatsApp channel. These all have regularly-updated information from Commonwealth, state and territory governments, on quarantine and travel restrictions.

As per the Smartraveller website, the Australian government travel advice can be found here, Travel advice specific to Malaysia can be found at .

If you require consular assistance while in Malaysia, you can contact the Australian High Commission Consular Office in Kuala Lumpur between 8.30am - 4:30pm (weekdays) at +60 3 2146 5575. Alternatively, you can email us at: [email protected]

If you require consular assistance outside of business hours, or on a weekend, you can call the Consular Emergency Centre in Australia, which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on +61 2 6261 3305, or via our High Commission switchboard, +60 3 2146 5555.

Please check this High Commission website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates.

For local information, the Malaysian Ministry of Health publishes COVID-19 updates on its Twitter account, as does the Director-General of Health.  The Malaysian Government’s key webpage for updates on COVID-19 is found at


Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions

Please note that the information contained in the FAQ responses below is intended only as general guidance for Australians in Malaysia, to assist you to locate and navigate publicly available information. It has no legal or official status and is not a substitute for official documents or advice from the Malaysian Government. While we seek to update as often as changes are made, given the rapidly-evolving nature of the COVID-19 situation and policy responses, there may be times when the information below is overtaken by events. You should always seek to confirm the information yourself through Malaysian Government channels.    

Regular changes in Malaysian Government policies may mean the information below can become out of date. We will do our best to reflect any further changes in policy, but please refer to Malaysian Government websites for the latest information. 


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COVID-19 Health in Malaysia


Should I register with the Australian High Commission?

Should I register with the Australian High Commission?

We no longer have a registration system. We encourage Australians to register on Smartraveller to receive alerts and updates on travel advice. You may subscribe on the Smartraveller website.


Can I travel to Australia?

From 21 February 2022, all fully vaccinated visa holders can travel to Australia, .

Information on entering and leaving Australia, can be found here, .

Information on Covid19 tests, vaccine and quarantine are available on Australia’s Department of Home Affairs link, .

For further information on state and territory requirements, including quarantine, COVID-19 testing after you arrive, and domestic vaccination standards, check the relevant state and territory requirements, .


Can I leave Australia?

If you are fully vaccinated you do not need permission to leave Australia. If you are an unvaccinated Australian citizen or a permanent resident, you cannot leave Australia unless you have applied and been granted an exemption. To apply for an exemption, please refer to this link, .


What are the procedures for entering Malaysia, including quarantine?

From 1st August 2022, all travellers are allowed to enter Malaysia regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status and do not require a pre-departure or on-arrival COVID-19 test. There are no quarantine orders related to COVID-19 enforced by the Malaysian Government upon arrival.

The guidelines for travellers to Malaysia, please refer to MySafeTravel.

The guidelines for mask wearing while in Malaysia, please refer here, .

While entry approvals are no longer required, new entry requirements and normal immigration procedures to enter Malaysia still apply to all visitors. For more information on immigration procedures, please refer to Malaysian Immigration’s website,


What do I do if my Malaysian ‘social visit pass’ has expired?

The exemption for holders of expired Social Visit Passes has ceased and normal immigration processes now apply. A copy of the statement from Malaysian Immigration is available at, .

If you have overstayed your social visit pass, you are not able to depart until you have rectified your visa status with Malaysian Immigration. You will be required to make an appointment with Malaysian Immigration via their online appointment system. Appointments with Malaysian Immigration can be booked online at .

You are required to bring along the documents stated by Malaysian Immigration on their website.

If you are adversely impacted by this decision, we recommend that you contact the Malaysian Immigration Department directly to explain your situation, and seek further advice. They can be contacted through their designated Online Inquiry System (SPO) . Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Malaysian Government Call Centre with your enquiry at 03- 8000 8000.


What do I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

If you test positive for COVID-19 while in Malaysia, you will need to comply with all directions issued by the Ministry of Health (KKM). While all positive cases were previously either hospitalised or directed to quarantine centres, we understand it may now be possible to quarantine at home if you are considered low risk by the Malaysian health authorities. If hospitalisation is required, we recommend you pack enough clothing/essentials for up to two weeks and take entertainment with you. The government hospitals do not have televisions/Wi-Fi.

Please note that not all private hospitals will accept Covid19 positive patients, and it will also depend on the capacity of the hospital at the time. Medical costs at Malaysian private hospitals can be expected to be costly.

For urgent consular assistance, please contact us on +603 2146 5575 (business hours), +603 2146 5555 (after hours) or call the 24-hour consular emergency helpline in Australia on +61 2 6261 3305.


What are my COVID-19 testing options? Where can I find local health information?

A list of private clinics in Malaysia which provides Covid19 test can be found here.

A list of private hospital in Malaysia which provides Covid19 test can be found here.

A list of private clinics in Malaysia which provides on-site Covid19 test can be found here.

For local health information, the Malaysian Ministry of Health publishes COVID-19 updates on its Twitter account , as does the Director-General of Health.

Please note that this document is intended only as general guidance for Australians in Malaysia, to assist you to navigate publicly available information on COVID-19 testing options in Malaysia. It has no legal status and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please read it together with information on the Malaysian Ministry of Health website and Australian Department of Health website.


Will Australians in Malaysia have access to COVID-19 vaccines?

Foreign citizens residing in Malaysia will be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines for free under the National Immunisation Programme. This will include expatriates, students, foreign spouses & children, foreign workers & UNHCR card holders. You can register to receive a vaccine through the MySejahtera app. Further information is available on the


Will Australians overseas be included in Australia’s domestic vaccine roll-out ?

Australia's COVID-19 vaccines will be available to people in Australia. The domestic rollout does not extend to Australian citizens while overseas.


What is the Australian Government’s advice to Australians on seeking or receiving vaccine offshore?

You should consult your local health professional for advice on vaccine options that may be available locally. 

The Australian Government cannot provide advice on the safety, quality and efficacy of vaccines that have been approved for use outside of Australia's regulatory processes.